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Patient Notes give you the ability to document information that is not captured when creating a patient or uploading the glucose device. It is meant to give you flexibility and place to write notes that will assist in providing better patient care and aid in Care Team collaboration. These notes do not appear in the Patient's LibreView Account. They are only viewable and editable by Care Team members who are part of the patient's Practice. You can add or remove notes at any time by editing the text in the Patient Notes section.

Note: Patient Notes may not be available in your country / region.

Step 1: Locate the patient

When you upload a patient’s glucose device you will automatically be taken to the patient's Glucose History section. Alternatively, you can click on a patient’s name from the Patient Dashboard, or search for the patient by name.

Step 2: Select the relevant Practice

Click the name of the Practice you want to access the notes for.

Step 3: Add/Remove Patient Notes

To add or remove notes, simply click inside the Patient Notes box and begin typing. When you have finished, click the Save Changes button found at the top of the screen.

Note: If you delete notes that either you or another healthcare professional entered previously and click Save Changes, neither you nor other healthcare professionals will be able to retrieve them later. Manual entry fields are for information only. The software provider is not responsible for the content placed in these fields or your use of that content.

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