Compare Glucose History


LibreView gives you reports from numerous devices and allows you to review and compare patient glucose history. When comparing patient glucose history, you will have the ability to review a comparison between the AGP graph, average glucose, days of data and hypo events.

Step 1: Select Patient

After you upload a patient’s glucose device you will automatically be taken to the patient's Glucose History section. Alternatively, you can click on a patient’s name in the Patient Dashboard, or search for the patient using the Search Bar. Once you locate the patient, go to the patient's Glucose History section.

Step 2: Compare Glucose History

Click on the Compare button at the very top of the Glucose History section. From the Compare Glucose Data window, select the Timeframe for each individual dataset by clicking the Timeframe dropdown. Next, select the dataset End Date. The default is the most recent available data.

Alternatively, you can select a custom Date Range with the date picker. Once you have selected both the Timeframe and report End Date, click the Compare button.

Step 3 Review data

Two different blocks of data representing the two time periods selected will display. Now you can compare data, dependent on device type:

  • Average glucose for each time period
  • Average tests per day
  • Average % of days data captured
  • Number of hypo events per day
  • Percentage of time spent inside and outside the target range

If you would like to see other types of glucose patterns and trends for this patient, click the button that says Glucose Reports at the top of the screen.

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