Create A Professional Account

Getting Started

You can create a professional account from an email invitation or directly on the LibreView web site. Both approaches are free and only take about a minute.

Step: 1 Sign up

Go to and click the Sign Up button. Select Professional LibreView Account.

Step 2: Confirm your Country / Region of Residence
Step 3: Review and Agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Notice
Step 4: Follow the instructions to finish creating your account
Step 5: Verify your email

Complete this step by accessing the verification email in your email Inbox. Click on the link in the email to verify your email address. Return to the verification screen and click on the Next button.

Step 6: Complete 2-factor authentication

If enabled for you, 2-factor authentication provides extra protection for your account by requiring a password and security code to log in. When prompted, enter the SMS enabled phone number or e-mail address that you would like the 6-digit security code to be delivered to. Your phone number and e-mail address provided to complete this step will be used for security verification only. Once the code is entered, you can select “Remember Me” if you would like LibreView to not ask for a code each time you log in.

Step 7: Install LibreView Device Drivers and perform an upload

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