Patient Dashboard Overview

Patient Dashboard Overview

The Patient Dashboard screen displays a list of all the patients you have access to in your Professional LibreView Account. From here, any Care Team member has the ability to create their own Custom Views, Filter the patient list, search for a specific patients using searchable Columns, or sort certain Columns in ascending or descending order.

At the top of the Dashboard, there is a navigation bar that allows you to switch between Views, or edit the Filters or Columns for the current View. When viewing the Dashboard, the current View is displayed at the top. Any active filters will be displayed next to the current View and the number of active Columns is displayed at the end.

The Patient Dashboard is multifaceted and offers the following features:

Filter the Patient List

Filtering gives you the ability to sort your patient list based off of specified criteria and create custom Views.

Create Custom Views

Any Care Team member has the ability to create their own Custom Views to assist in workflow efficiency and/or views based off of a specified patient criteria using Filters.
Learn More: Create Custom Views

Add/Edit Columns

To add or remove columns, the Columns option is located as part of the navigation bar at the top of your dashboard. Click Columns to launch the Edit View window. Next you will see the Edit Columns screen. Select the Columns you would like to display from the Available Columns list. Drag and drop Columns in the Active Columns list to manage the order in which they will appear onscreen, or click the minus (-) sign next to the ones you would like to remove.
Learn More: Edit Columns

Activate Conditional Flags

When you have many patients in your Practice, Flags help you to keep track of the ones who may need more attention. You will need to add the Column that displays the flag on your Dashboard in order to utilize this feature.

Searchable Fields/Columns

Hover over a specified Column in the Dashboard and a Search icon will appear. Use the text box that appears after you select the icon to search.

Invite patient to Upload Remotely

Some patients may require closer monitoring. To do so, invite your patients to share and link their data to your Professional LibreView Account, which will help you better support effective diabetes management and save the office and the patient time. Click on the Invite Patient icon next to the Search bar in the top navigation. This will allow you to send an email to a patient inviting them to sign up for LibreView and agree to share their data.

Export your patient list

Click the Export View link found at the bottom of the Patient Dashboard screen to download your patient list into a CSV file.

Note: You accept sole responsibility for the Data, including security of the Data, after it leaves the LibreView application.

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