Report Preferences


You are able to set your own Report Preferences to use as the default settings when uploading devices into LibreView.

Note: You can override these preferences by changing settings on an individual patient’s report. Learn more: Change Report Settings

Step 1: Open the Settings Menu

Log in to your LibreView Account and click the Settings Menu icon.

Step 2: Select Report Preferences

Click the Report Preferences link.

Step 3: Set Default Targets and Thresholds

Click on the Thresholds section. Next, Set your default Target Range and Glucose Threshold. You will be able to adjust these on a per patient basis when viewing the full reports.

Note: Target Range and Threshold changes will not affect the CGM AGP Report. This report may not be available for your country / region.

Step 4: Review Report Preferences by Device Type

Review the available items to customize your default report set. You can set default Report Preferences by device type. Glucose Only is specific to blood glucose monitoring device uploads. The other sections for FreeStyle InsuLinx, FreeStyle Libre, and FreeStyle Libre Pro are specific to said device and the corresponding report set.

Note: FreeStyle Libre Pro may not be available in your country / region.

Step 5: Select Active Reports and Report Set Order

Clicking on each report will alternately select and deselect that report. When the report is selected it will become light green and a checkmark will appear next to the report. Click the up or down arrows next to each report name to adjust the default order. The reports and order selected will become the default reports that are generated each time you view reports for an individual patient.

Step 6: Edit Timeframe and Other Settings

Some reports have special settings that affect only that specific report. Click on the Edit button next to the report name to make special edits and save changes to said reports. To edit the default timeframe, click on the timeframe dropdown and select the default timeframe for each report.

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