Update LibreView Device Drivers


To be able to use LibreView to upload data from compatible devices and create reports, you will need the latest version of the LibreView Device Drivers. You will be prompted during the upload process if a new version is available. When a new version is released, it is recommended to upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible for uninterrupted use of LibreView.

Note: You may be required to install additional required operating software to run the LibreView Device Drivers on certain Windows computers. You will be alerted during the installation process if you need to install these files. Please click allow to install these programs before continuing with the device drivers installation.

To ensure the LibreView Device Drivers will run properly, it must be installed on the local administrator profile on the computer. To update your LibreView Device Drivers:

Step 1: Remove/Uninstall previous versions of the LibreView Device Drivers

Windows: Open Control Panel and locate the LibreView Device Drivers from your Programs. Right click and select uninstall.

Mac: Open Finder and Applications, locate the LibreView Device Drivers and delete.

Step 2: Download the most current version of the LibreView Device Drivers
Step 3: Run the LibreView Device Drivers Installer
Step 4: Perform a test upload with a compatible device.

Note: it is recommended to restart your computer before doing an upload.

To upgrade your drivers from within your LibreView Account, click the Download Now button in the Software Update Available window that will appear after a successful upload and allow the file to download to your computer. Click on the downloaded file to run it and select the language for the installation. Follow the steps in the installation wizard to complete the update. The Software Update Available message will only appear if there is a newer version of the LibreView Device Drivers available to download.

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