A whole new way to view your patients' glucose data with LibreView.

LibreView allows you to create and share standardized, easy-to-read reports from multiple glucose devices into one complete view to aid in better diabetes conversations with your patients and other healthcare professionals.

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Simple Upload

Log into your Professional LibreView account, connect your patient's device to your computer for in-office upload or invite patients to upload remotely and share their data.


View reports

Discover glucose patterns and trends to help you and your healthcare team make informed decisions about your patients' health.

LibreView gives you a consistent set of clear, intuitive reports that make it easier and faster to discover patterns and trends.

With LibreView, you can get a consistent set of reports no matter what devices your patients bring into the clinic or upload remotely. Reports can be quickly and individually downloaded.

Having a consistent set of clear, intuitive reports makes it easier and faster to discover patterns and trends so you can make better treatment decisions.

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Compatible with major glucose monitors

Do more with these optional features:

Monitor patients between visits

Some patients may require closer monitoring, for example when they’re adjusting to a new medication or treatment plan, or if they’re simply having trouble managing their glucose.

Inviting your patients to share and link their data to your Professional LibreView Account can help enhance your dialogue and help you better support effective diabetes management while saving the office and the patient time.

*Patients can upload from leading Abbott Diabetes Care meters.

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