Chapter 1: LibreView Overview

What is LibreView?

LibreView is a web-based diabetes management system where healthcare professionals and patients can create and share easy-to-understand reports for FreeStyle Libre and other FreeStyle-branded devices.

Chapter 2: Account Setup and Installation

Professional LibreView Account Setup and Device Drivers Installation

Learn how to set up your LibreView Account to begin uploading and viewing glucose data.

Chapter 3: Create a LibreView Practice

Enable Practice Features in LibreView

Learn how to create a practice within your LibreView account to add Care Team members, Create custom Practice Records and access visibility to unique Practice Views.

Chapter 4: FreeStyle Libre Reports

Create/View/Customize FreeStyle Libre Reports

Learn how to upload, view and customize reports from your patients’ FreeStyle Libre readers or FreeStyle LibreLink app.

Chapter 5: Inviting Patients to Share Data Remotely

Invite your Patients to Share Data Remotely

Learn how to invite your patients to connect with you so you can view their remotely uploaded data

Chapter 6: Patient Dashboard deep-dive

Customizing your Patient Dashboard in LibreView

Learn how to use LibreView’s customizable dashboard to better identify patients who need additional care and manage your patient population.