Change Pre/Post-Meal Targets


To change the Pre-Meal or Post-Meal Targets that appear in the Mealtime Patterns report, open that individual patient’s reports. From Report Settings, click the Edit button for Mealtime Patterns.

Note: The Mealtime Patterns report will only appear if your patient uses a FreeStyle InsuLinx or FreeStyle Libre device that enables carbohydrate logging.

Step 1: Upload the patient's glucose data

If you aren't sure how to upload the patient's device, follow these instructions: Upload Devices into LibreView

Step 2: View Glucose History

Click the Glucose History section to view all available glucose history for that patient in chronological order.

Step 3: View Full Reports

From the Glucose History section, click the Glucose Reports button to view full reports

Step 4: Open Report Settings

From the report viewer, click on the Report Settings button on the bottom of the viewer.

Step 5: Edit the Mealtime Pattern report

From this screen, select the Edit button next to the Mealtime Pattern report. Adjust the Pre/Post-Meal Target Ranges for the individual patient's reports.

Step 6: Save Changes

When you’ve made all your report selections, click the Save button to generate the new reports with your new settings.

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