Editing FreeStyle Libre Pro Reports

Libre Pro

Use the Report Settings feature within LibreView to make adjustments to your patient's FreeStyle Libre Pro report.

Step 1: Upload the patient's FreeStyle Libre Pro device

If you aren't sure how to upload your FreeStyle Libre Pro device, follow these instructions: Upload Devices into LibreView

Step 2: View Glucose History

After uploading the reader, you will see the patient's FreeStyle Libre Pro reports. If you are reviewing the data at a later time, click the Glucose History section for the relevant patient to view all available glucose history for that patient in chronological order. By default, the All Data tab within the glucose history shows all available data chronologically. The most recent available data will be at the top. You can also click the FreeStyle Libre Pro tab to narrow the glucose history to those specific device uploads.

Step 3: View Full Reports

From the Glucose History section, click on the blue View Report button in the top right of the glucose history summary for a specific FreeStyle Libre Pro upload.

Step 4: Open Report Settings

Click on the Report Settings button located in the bottom of the viewer.

Step 5: Set Default Targets and Thresholds

From this screen, adjust the Target Range, Low Glucose Threshold, and High Glucose Threshold that you would like to set for this patient.

Step 6: Edit Other Report Settings

Both the Glucose Pattern Insights and the Daily Patterns report have special settings that affect only that type of report. Click the Edit button to make edits to that specific report type.

Step 7: Select Active Reports and Order Settings

Clicking on each report will alternately select and deselect that report. When the report is selected it will become light green and a checkmark will appear next to the report. Any reports you select will become the default reports that are generated each time you view reports for an individual patient. If you wish to adjust the order in which the reports display, click on the up and down arrows next to each report to adjust the order.

Step 8: Save Changes

When you’ve made all your report selections, click the Save button to generate the new reports with your new settings.

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