Set Care Team Permissions

LibreView Practices

Every member of a Practice in LibreView is given Basic permissions by default. Any user can be upgraded to Admin permissions by a current administrator in the Practice.

To set the Care Team permissions:

Step 1: Open the Settings Menu

Click the Settings Menu icon.

Step 2: Click My Practices

Click My Practices and select the Practice you want to edit.

Step 3: Open Care Team section

By default you will be placed in the Overview section, click the Care Team tab in the menu.

Step 4: Select or unselect the Admin Privileges box for each Care Team member

Below is a summary of the two types of permissions:


Any healthcare professional in the Practice can:
View patient data
Upload patient glucose devices
Add a new patient
Edit fields in an individual patient's profile
Invite a patient to share data remotely
Customize their view of the Patient Dashboard


In addition to the above, admins can also:
Invite/remove Care Team members
Assign/remove admin status to a Care Team member
Edit Practice Record fields (for the entire Practice)
Edit Practice info
Add or remove Care Team permissions

Learn More: Create a Care Team

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