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Patient Dashboard Overview

LibreView's Practice Records feature gives you the ability to create customized fields for a particular Practice and allows you to record additional patient information that might be pertinent to the Practice's Care Team. Once the new records are created, you will be able to input data into your customized record fields for any patient in that Practice. You can also add these customized record fields to your Patient dashboard.

Note: Only practice administrators have the ability to add/remove Practice Records. Practice Records may not be available in your country / region.

You can create a Practice Record and add it to your Patient Dashboard by following these steps:

Step 1: Access the Practice you would like to create custom fields for

Click the three blue lines to open the Settings Menu. Click the Practice you would like to create custom fields for.

Step 2: Add/Create custom Practice Records

Select Practice Record Settings. Click the New Practice Record button, enter a record name, pick the input method that fits your use case and click Save.

Note: you will not be able to delete custom fields, but you can uncheck the Active box to hide them.

Once you have saved this field, you can now go to any patient who is connected to this Practice. Select the Practice Name when viewing the patient and document the appropriate information about the patient under Practice Records. Make sure to click the Save button at the top of your screen to record your input. You can then display this information in your Patient Dashboard for quick viewing.

Step 3: Add Custom Column onto Patient Dashboard

Navigate back to your Patient Dashboard. Click the Columns button at the top of your Dashboard and scroll in the Available Columns section to the bottom where it says Practice Records. Click on the plus (+) sign next to the customized column you created to add it to the active columns and click Save. This will now add your selection under Active Columns and appear on the Dashboard. Alternatively, you can go to this Practice's View from the dropdown menu.

Note: Customized fields are for information only. The software provider is not responsible for the content placed in these fields or your use of that content.

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