Complete 2-Factor Authentication

Getting Started

If enabled for you, 2-factor authentication protects your account by requiring a password and security code delivered by text message or e-mail to log in. Requiring more than just your password increases the security of the data that you store within LibreView. All members of a LibreView care team must complete 2-factor authentication for their individual accounts.

Step 1: Enter your phone number or e-mail address

When prompted, enter the SMS enabled phone number or e-mail address that you would like the 6-digit security code to be delivered to. Your phone number and e-mail address provided to complete this step will be used for security verification only.

Step 2: Enter the code

Enter the code you received by text message or e-mail.

Step 3: Select “Remember Me” if you want LibreView to remember a trusted device.

Check the “Remember Me” box if you would like LibreView to not ask for a code each time you log in. After this you will be logged in.

Note: You will be prompted to complete 2-factor authentication if you do not choose to “Remember Me,” reset your password or 2-factor authentication settings, or if you clear your browser’s cache.

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