View Multiple Devices on One Report


If your patient uses more than one device to monitor their glucose, you can customize reports that combine data from multiple devices used by that patient.

Step 1: Upload the patient's glucose data

If you aren't sure how to upload the patient's device, follow these instructions: Upload Devices into LibreView

Note: If your patient is using FreeStyle LibreLink, the data is automatically uploaded to LibreView every time they scan their sensor.

Step 2: View Glucose History

From the patient's Profile, click Glucose History section to view all available glucose history for that patient in chronological order.

Step 3: View Full Reports

From the patient’s Glucose History, click the Glucose Reports button.

Step 4: Open Up Data Sources

Click the Data Sources button located on the bottom of the report viewer.

Step 5: Select Devices

A list of devices with data uploaded in the last 90 days from the report end will display; by default, all devices will be selected. The Primary Device will determine the standard set of reports offered and determined by the richness of available data. If you want to change it, unselect the Show (Eye) icon for each device until the device you want is labeled Primary.

You have the option to show/hide data from any device you do not want to include in the reports by selecting/unselecting the Show (eye) icon.

Note: Data from certain devices cannot be combined with others. To see data from these devices, unselect all other devices.

Note: Notes from all devices are displayed without modification. If the same note is entered on multiple devices, all instances are displayed. Data uploaded into LibreView prior to the release of version 3.0 cannot be merged.

Step 6: Save Customizations

When you’ve made all your device selections, click the Save button to generate the new reports with data from all the devices selected.

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